Only What Your Senses Project Exists. There is No Time & Space. The Science


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Your intelligence in this moment runs deep. You can’t fool yourself. Holographic reality means that the whole is in its parts. A single molecule in your thumb could recreate the universe by itself if everything else in the universe were somehow destroyed, and David Bohm’s science explains some of that.

People don’t cause our problems, our emotional reactions to them do.

You are magic and greatness, but so is EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE. It’s great to be great as long as you are not saying you are better than anyone else. Be prideful as an example to other so as to help them be the same way. Be like children are, be joyful and spontaneous, but also be organized, thoughtful and strategic like an adult. Don’t believe or do anything that does not register as right on an intuitive and intellectual level. When something makes sense, and feels right, it is right.

Only What Your Senses Project Exists. There is No Time & Space. The Science

The senses project, meaning only what is in your range of vision or sense-perception exists in your current physical reality. What you see is a visual projection. If you don’t see something, you haven’t created it visually in physical reality.

If you see nothing behind you, nothing is there but an infinite field of potential. Empty space is not really empty, rather it is a threshold beyond which the wonders of what you are exist. Un-physically-manifest-potential (empty space in physical reality) contains infinite realities that are probable and available to you at any time you learn how to bring them into your awareness. It is all a field of consciousness. That’s new science.

What I call international philosophy and the essence of being a universal author were a good idea and good terms, so I created them. They are terms that describe what I am.

I AM a new scientist. Time travel is easy, because all times exist now. In other words, time as we think of it does not exist in that there are no boundaries in the universe or self. Even the walls in your home are an illusion projected by the mind.

Consciousness is magical and it is the God-force, which is what you are individualized. You are forever, and you can achieve anything.

I also advocate a pro-active approach and always working on physical and inner levels. Use common sense and multiple approaches in life. Don’t quit your job because you are ready to manifest your dreams. Rather, apply your thoughts to your dreams and watch the means to achieve your dreams appear as if by magic through multiple channels. It is a matter of putting the horse in front of the cart. Your thoughts come first.

Your position in life (wealth or lack of wealth) and present circumstances is a result of your past thoughts. Cause and effect applies only to subjective actions. All causes are psychological. Emotions are very powerful. Some of these principles are super simple, but people are hypnotized by their beliefs that say achievement is difficult and so on and so forth.

One of the most frequent mistakes people make is to assume that something is wrong in their life. They then begin searching their past for some hidden cause of all their problems. The idea that something is wrong is the cause of their problems, not an event in the past. The past does not even exist!

Even if your life is one disaster after another, it doesn’t mean that something is wrong with your or your methods. Intelligent people often give themselves more complex challenges in life. If you do not have a big house and a fast car, it doesn’t mean that you have something wrong with you or with the way you achieve goals, but if you start thinking that way, that is what will manifest.

The spirit is ALWAYS good, and every spirit eventually goes into the light after death. Your beliefs, thoughts and emotions create your reality there too, but that world is not physical and from what I know, that reality is fantastic beyond description. But don’t do something crazy to get there because suicide creates peril and complications for those who make that mistake. You are here now because you want to be.

Your highest intelligence and magic is not with a superior portion of your being. You are your higher self. Trust in your own judgment and base your life on your dreams, ability and all the fun and positive stuff about you.

Buddhists have got things confused. Desire is not something to transcend, and pleasure is good.

How focused are you on the positive? How determined are you? Do you have patterns of negative thoughts and emotions that need to be changed? A determined focus and effort is required to transform your life.

The ability to master the mind and focus on the positive is a learned art not all are equally proficient in. Yet, we each get exactly what we put out in thought and emotion. What you experience in your life is a perfect reflection of the dominant patterns in your mind.

There are many probable futures. Different geographical regions have different trajectories according to the beliefs, thoughts and feelings of those within the area. You will be attracted to certain areas according to the balance of your thoughts, your worldview, intent and purpose in life.

You are in control of what you create in life. You can have anything you want. The probabilities open to you for expression are a product of what you have allowed through patterns of thought and emotion.

Your free will to experience any particular event is dictated by what your beliefs, focus, thoughts and emotions allow. Your free will in terms of what you can manifest is dictated by your beliefs, thoughts and emotions. The only possible way you can open yourself up to increasingly positive probabilities is to create them first in your mind.

The rules apply equally to all. You must first create the future you want to experience through your focus, beliefs, thoughts and emotions. Once you do that for a certain amount of time, new probabilities will open up to you. If you then manifest one of those probabilities, they will lead to even more probabilities.


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