Participate In a Mission & Change Your Future: An Experiment In Time-Space Alteration

Participate In a Mission & Change Your Future: An Experiment In Time-Space Alteration


EN: Where the real work of world change is done

There are two levels of reality, there’s our world’s familiar external science and actions on that level, but there is also internal science and actions on inner levels. To change the world (and also your own life), this inner level is the more effective level to work on because it is the source of physical world events. The events you see on the news are a result of the work done on inner levels.

This is where you can directly impact world events, but it is not a physical location, rather it is within you. The events you experience are formed within the dream state and on even deeper levels.

You can directly impact the world on a physical level and on an inner level where creation takes place.

You are invited to participate in an extraordinary experiment. We are implementing a global unifying principle and providing a means to focus the collective mind.


Nikola Tesla.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.

“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.”

Nikola Tesla, inventor of alternating current that illuminated the globe.


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GC Global consciousness coherency in real-time.



More guns and weapons do not solve humanity’s problems. External science is actually driving the whole problem that created the need for guns and weapons in the first place.

Civilization wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for the work being done on inner levels.


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The real work is done in your own mind and in your own life. When your life changes, the world changes slightly. This is the only way to create lasting change.

Our civilization is disorganized and negatively focused because we have not been using this potential. It is as if the “mind of the world” is depressed and focused on what is wrong and not working and this is why problems get worse. We need to take control by coordinating our collective consciousness on the solutions we need.


Visualize these goals achieved

  1. Visualize effective action and education to save democracy on two levels.
  2. Visualize food arriving everywhere it is needed, including Ukraine’s grain.
  3. Visualize all wars ending and Ukraine becoming a prosperous country.
  4. Imagine Nobel Prize winning politicians reversing climate change.
  5. Imagine aid and food arriving in Pakistan, dry land and a vibrant nation.
  6. Send telepathic messages to Putin’s inner circle to break with him and especially any order to launch nuclear weapons.
  7. See Russians laying down their arms and refusing to fight for Putin and kill for no reason.


Tell yourself you will meet us in the dream state.

See a university in a beautiful city where we are discussing what can be done to help the world.

Know it will all be achieved.

All probabilities now point to a world without borders. We will all be there.

Contemplate the power of your thoughts. Nothing is more powerful than your thoughts.


A World Without Borders

Joining a higher purpose and holding a positive intent to help others is a powerful activity. Embarking on such an undertaking can accelerate your spiritual and psychological growth. By helping humanity you can advance as a person and protect you from negative influences. I

Engaging in a higher purpose to assist humanity is the most powerful self-help we as humans are capable of.


Imagine you just entered a paradise of unimaginable beauty. A promised Land and magical world is all around you. Anything you can think, and desire, is manifest in front of you. This is what we are creating now. This collective reality can be yours. I call it “A World Without Borders.”


You are never alone

Your inner self is in correspondence with the inner selves of others to coordinate events being planned. You are never alone. We are looking out for each other on levels that are always active just below the surface of ordinary consciousness.

Our intent is to create a democratic world without borders. We interact with others on inner levels of consciousness and those interactions are affected or created by how and what we think and do during the day.

It can be extremely beneficial for you.

If you are a part of something bigger than yourself that helps everyone, it will protect you.



You do not have to do anything to join the effort. You do not need a computer. It doesn’t matter where or when you are. Just intend to create something beautiful and to meet people on inner levels of reality before going to sleep.”

If you are at all skeptical about what we are doing here, you can think of it as a meditation. If you make the effort to think “A world without borders, one people and planet, and hold the intent to meet me or others, and if you do not have exceptional dream recall or any notable experience initially, it doesn’t mean nothing happened. Over many generations we have trained the mind to focus on the physical world, and we normally forget everything that is done on inner levels. We still create our reality on that level.


In 1935, Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen introduced the concept of wormholes. There are channels through which consciousness can travel — exit and entry points in the western U.S. that are geographical in nature.

However, secondary channels are everywhere. They pervade the atmosphere.


Natural creation

Early science missed the existence of an inner reality which the mind projects to create physical events, which Einstein’s friend, David Bohm discovered in the 1980s. Tesla understood this, as did others, and more scientists are realizing the same thing.

That inner reality is the source of events, and you can work there from here to create anything you want here. The principles are simple and easy to apply, and they do work.

Any event is built on inner levels or reality materialistic science does not even acknowledge as existing. The world is a projection from within inner levels of reality. David Bohm knew this, and that’s why his work was rejected and didn’t reach or impact the world in the way it could have. I know first hand, because the same thing happened to me.


THE NEXT STAGE IN CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION: Nothing really restricts you

Albert Einstein concluded in his later years that the past, present, and future all exist simultaneously.

To advance to the next stage in our conscious evolution we need to break free of limiting assumptions that have no real basis in fundamental reality.

Nonlinear time thinking is thinking outside of the mainstream sequential-time-progression-paradigm.

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The nonlinear thinking paradigm takes into account the fact that time does not exist in the way we have previously supposed. Seeing ourselves in a new way in relation to time allows us to change our reality in ways that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

The definition and meaning of nonlinear time thinking is a non-sequential thought process based on a new assumption about reality that recognizes the simultaneous nature of all existence. When we change our basic assumptions about reality and see ourselves in a new way in relation to time, we can create a new personal and collective experience.

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We are only limited in what probabilities we can draw to us and manifest according to our assumptions and the quality and range of our thoughts. Nothing really restricts us.


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