Participate In a Mission & Change Your Future: An Experiment In Time-Space Alteration

Participate In a Mission & Change Your Future: An Experiment In Time-Space Alteration

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You are invited to participate in an extraordinary experiment.

We are implementing a global unifying principle, that although small now, will grow. We are gathering people together to intend and imagine specific world events that will be highly beneficial. We are providing a means to focus the collective mind.


The first level of activity to save democracy is meant to be read first.


Nikola Tesla.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.

“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.”

Nikola Tesla, inventor of alternating current that illuminated the globe.


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GC Global consciousness coherency in real-time.




Where world changes happen

In just reading this and/or participating, you are witnessing the inception of an incredible world-changing event or idea.

We are using internal science to create a new world now, and it is these actions that will actually change the course of civilization. More guns and weapons do not solve the underlying problem. External science is actually driving the whole problem that created the need for guns and weapons in the first place.

The reason why civilization is still here is because of the work being done on inner levels.

“I’m doing something about our world’s problems, but will you?” — William Eastwood.


EN: Where the real work of world change is done

There are two levels of reality, there’s our world’s familiar external science and actions on that level, but there is also internal science and actions on inner levels. To change the world (and also your own life), this inner level is the more effective level to work on because it is the source of physical world events. The events you see on the news are a result of the work done on inner levels.

Earth Network (EN) is similar to the United Nations (UN), but on a more effective level. This is where The Altruism Code is applied.

EN is similar to the UN: This is where real work to solve world problems is done. This is where you can directly impact world events, but it is not a physical location, rather it is within you. Your navigation is guided through the directives on our New Science page that posts the issues we are currently focused on.

We are coordinating the focus of the world in a new way that has never been done before.

What we do here is to coordinate and unify our collective thinking to solve world problems more effectively. In other words, we get the consciousness of the world focused on the solution to specific world problems — specifically current issues that involve people who need help. Instead of having many people focused on the news (what is wrong), for example, we get people focused on the solution. And what that really does is directly impact those situations on inner levels where creation takes place, and in doing so instigates actions on a physical level. This is a more effective way to solve world problems. It is a method based on new science.

This influence is through inner pathways rather than physical roads and communications. This process we encourage you to join automatically advances, fosters, promotes, sows, rouses, activates, stimulates, quickens, vitalizes, sets in motion, ferments, raises and stirs awareness of solutions that then rise up through the collective subconscious mind to awareness in all those upon the face of the planet connected to the issues we are working on. A person in Ukraine, for example, may have an urge or intuition to follow a certain course of action as a result of their inner participation even though most people are not aware of their inner activities. As in an example in Ukraine: An aid worker may feel an urge to bring food to a certain location and at the same time a hungry person may feel and urge to go to that same location.

We are working at the source of intuition, at a level where creation takes place. We are intuitively motivating action that is inherently coordinated on inner levels.

Our work can influence seemingly small events to help individual people in crisis as well as incredibly significant actions that can have a major impact on world events.

This work, for example, could potentially sway the inclinations of Putin’s generals so that they do not launch weapons of mass destruction. It is work that is an inner influence for positive change. It is a unifying principle. It is action on a physical level that reflects what is already happening on inner levels. It is a huge rectifying potential that has been neglected. Our civilization is disorganized and negatively focused because we have not been using this potential. It is as if the “mind of the world” is depressed and focused on what is wrong and not working and this is why problems get worse. We need to take control by coordinating our collective consciousness on the solutions we need.



Current focus


The altruistic outreach on an inner level has a focus that reflects the current needs of the world:

  1. Visualize effective action and education to save democracy on two levels.
  2. Visualize food arriving everywhere it is needed, including Ukraine’s grain.
  3. Visualize all wars ending and Ukraine becoming a prosperous country.
  4. Imagine Nobel Prize winning politicians reversing climate change.
  5. Imagine aid and food arriving in Pakistan, dry land and a vibrant nation.
  6. Send telepathic messages to Putin’s inner circle to break with him and especially any order to launch nuclear weapons.
  7. See Russians laying down their arms and refusing to fight for Putin and kill for no reason.


Visualize these goals achieved.



Imagine a flow of combined omnipotent energy igniting a greater explosion of energy in the form of bright white light from the source of the universe exploding into the scenes you visualized.


Tell yourself you will meet us in the dream state.

See a university in a beautiful city where we are discussing what can be done in these areas.

Know it will all be achieved.

All probabilities now point to a world without borders. We will all be there.

Contemplate the power of your thoughts. Nothing is more powerful than your thoughts.



45 William Eastwood’s 45-years of research brings you everything you ever wanted!


[blink]Brand new release: Published on October 8th.[/blink]


The Altruism Code is a set of principles which serve as a guide for self-transformation and for the creation of a better world based on internal science.

THE ALTRUISM CODE — Your Protection

Brand new release: Published on October 8th.

The Altruism Code is more than transformative self-help, it is a powerful source-code for a new system of U.S. and international laws. This code is a unifying principle to heal division and unite the world.

The Altruism Code – Your Protection — A Constitution for a new civilization. Which side are you on?




A World Without Borders

Joining a higher purpose and holding a positive intent to help others is a powerful activity. Embarking on such an undertaking can accelerate your spiritual and psychological growth. By helping humanity you can advance as a person. Such altruism can protect you from negative influences. I have always believed that engaging in a higher purpose to assist humanity is the most powerful self-help we as humans are capable of.


Paradise waterfal
Paradise on earth.
Imagine you just entered a paradise of unimaginable beauty. A promised Land and magical world is all around you. Anything you can think, and desire, is manifest in front of you. This is what we are creating now. This collective reality can be yours. I call it “A World Without Borders.”




Imagine a world without borders

By having pictured a perfect world without borders, you have already joined and contributed to our initiative. People who want a better world and can picture it for even a few seconds are unconsciously connected to our initiative even if they don’t know about this post. You don’t need us to do this. I hope that this effort will get you going with your own effort regardless of whether you come back to this post or not.

But if you do, and if you follow with deliberate conscious intent, more power will be added to you from the energy of all the people involved in this particular mission. In our mission we all send helpful positive energy to those who are connected to the effort. We are looking out for each other on levels that are always active just below the surface of ordinary consciousness.

We are joining together in our intent to create a democratic world without borders and many other positive goals. This is meant to be an enjoyable experience. We interact with others on inner levels of consciousness and those interactions are affected or created by how and what we think and do during the day, and so this is a real thing that we are doing.

It can be extremely beneficial for you.

A word of caution. Adverse energy or intent will boomerang back at you. Like attracts like and dissimilar energies repel. You can get help with just about anything here so long as your energy and intent is positive.

Note: If there is a discontinuation in this page or my daily affirmation and guidance pages for some unknown reason, keep it going, as I will also, in which case you will hear from me again.

If you are a part of something bigger than yourself that helps everyone, it will protect you. This project is going to be enshrined in the soon to be published book.



You do not have to do anything to join the effort. You do not need a computer. It does not matter where or when you are. Just think mentally to yourself, “A World Without Borders — One Planet and People.”

If you are at all skeptical about what we are doing here, you can think of it as a meditation. If you meditate on the word, “love,” you may feel loved and / or remember the times when you were loved. You are likely to get a beneficial effect of some kind because the word “love,” is positive and what the word represents can be drawn out and can fill your mind and body.

“A World Without Borders,” is also positive and can have the same effect. If around the world several different people say the same term in their head, they can create a joint energy, synchronicity and connection of a positive nature.

As time allows, I will begin to report my results. If I get good results daily, I will post them daily.

The events you experience are created on deep inner levels of consciousness, and like nightly dream adventures, you do not usually recall the activities you are engaged in, yet they still happen and they still produce results in the physical world. In the same way, if you make the effort to think “A world without borders, one people and planet, and hold the intent to meet me or others, if you do not have exceptional dream recall or any notable experience initially, it doesn’t mean that nothing is happening.


If you want more information on any of these subjects, “A World Without Borders — One People & Planet,” will be published within the next two-three weeks, or by November 15, 2022, at the latest.


Is a world without borders possible?

Find out


Coming soon.



Goals will include a plan to save democracy. Scroll down for instructions.


“In 1935, Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen introduced the concept of wormholes.

“There are channels through which consciousness can travel — exit and entry points in the western U.S. that are geographical in nature.

However, secondary channels are everywhere. They pervade the atmosphere.”

— William Eastwood




“The unexamined life is not worth living.

“If you want to be wrong then follow the masses.”

— Socrates.


About William Eastwood and his worldview

Eastwood says, “Early science missed the existence of an inner reality which the mind projects to create physical events, which Einstein’s friend, David Bohm discovered in the 1980s. Tesla understood this, as did others, and more scientists are realizing the same thing.

“That inner reality is the source of events,” says Eastwood, “and you can work there from here to create anything you want in life. The principles are simple and easy to apply.”


Eastwood on creation and world problems

Any event is built on inner levels or reality materialistic science does not even acknowledge as existing. The world is a projection from within inner levels of reality. David Bohm knew this, and that’s why his work was rejected and didn’t reach or impact the world in the way it could have. I know first hand, because the same thing happened to me.


THE NEXT STAGE IN CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION: Nothing really restricts you

Albert Einstein concluded in his later years that the past, present, and future all exist simultaneously.

To advance to the next stage in our conscious evolution we need to break free of limiting assumptions that have no real basis in fundamental reality.

Nonlinear time thinking is thinking outside of the mainstream sequential-time-progression-paradigm.

Read more…

The nonlinear thinking paradigm takes into account the fact that time does not exist in the way we have previously supposed. Seeing ourselves in a new way in relation to time allows us to change our reality in ways that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

The definition and meaning of nonlinear time thinking is a non-sequential thought process based on a new assumption about reality that recognizes the simultaneous nature of all existence. When we change our basic assumptions about reality and see ourselves in a new way in relation to time, we can create a new personal and collective experience.

Read more…


A website article.


We are only limited in what probabilities we can draw to us and manifest according to our assumptions and the quality and range of our thoughts. Nothing really restricts us. We must be sure we are in the right paradigm before we can expect to be free of limitations.


Out of the ashes of the old comes an answer, something completely unexpected and new. This is forward moving rather than backsliding.

With that preamble, I introduce —




We will go back to the future every night (to change the past to change the present)

You are invited to participate in an extraordinary experiment. The consortium  is a contemporary version of a New World outpost from which we will begin to build  a new united, democratic and peaceful civilization.

The civilization we are seeding will be based on intrinsic truths. First and foremost is the principle that consciousness is inherently altruistic.




A plan to save democracy and save the human race individuals from destruction
A website article.


We are building on the inside what will manifest on the outside (in physical “time”-space). I have seen what I describe in the following paragraph. I was there on the first night I formally began the experiment on September 1, 2022.


There is a city, and in this city is a university, and in this university is a consortium where we are working to solve world problems. There are rows of desks, glass walls and views down the mountain. You are invited to participate and attend discussions and lectures. Our current objectives are to save democracy, stop the Ukraine war, and help participants achieve their goals. New curriculum, lectures, discussions every night. Everything that happens here is free and open to everyone.


Meet me on the night of September 3, 2022.


To familiarize yourself with my similar adventures, click below.


Probabilities multidimensional self time travel William Eastwood science actual experiences through Einstein-Rosen bridge wormhole
A website article.


This is brand new: portions will be edited and deleted.


We are forming a virtual city and university where we will help you and work to solve global problems

David Bohm’s science says that information in the implicate order directs particles (CEUs) to form events. Bohm also said he believed that people could create synchronistic events. If we can create synchronistic events individually, I believe that we can do it collectively. In our civilization there has been no coordinated effort to do this, and so I am beginning this exciting initiative. Bohm also said that the first person to break through the pollution of the ages (myths) will allow others to do the same.

I am proposing a collective visualization to create a place where this will happen.

Every night before I go to sleep I am going to imagine the perfect future for humanity. I will see myself living in a world in which environmental and political problems have been fully solved. I will give my subconscious mind the instructions to put me in communication with anyone who reads this and wants to communicate with me or participate.

This will be a paradise. It is possible for my inner self to meet you there. If you intend to meet me there and follow the same procedure, you can do it. In this area we will help each other. I will help you to create the life you want. We will have a classroom and lectures to begin. The first day I did this I found myself in just such a location. It was a glass-walled room with rows of desks and students listening to a lecture.

We will be creating a great inner university and future city. This will be a real place in inner reality and in the future it will exist in our physical dimension because of what we are doing now.

I will also imagine something that can only happen if democracy is global and I am a success. If you do the same we can save democracy.

The principle I am invoking in this part of the experiment is simple. Imagine something that can only happen if the obstacles blocking this eventuality are removed or somehow transcended. In order for you to actually manifest this future physically you would have safely arrived in a future probability where democracy survived.

This principle will be applied to stop all war and climate change.

You can also use it for your own purposes, as this example shows.


Highly practical instant magic

The practical magical power within you in this moment can be relied upon to change any situation, regardless of what it is or how boxed in you seem to be.

In simple terms, everything is energy. If your thoughts are positive they will manifest positive events. Joy, for example, can transform your life.

W.E. age 7.

All time is simultaneous. Through emotional association we can activate cellular memory playback of times when we were young and in a spring rain in a natural garden paradise of our own making or whatever is most impactful to us. Our body’s cellular past memory bank can bring the full reality of any such “past” moment into the present. This is because the past is still alive and real to the body consciousness which transcends time limitations.

Your power to create incredibly positive events immediately is within you right now at this moment. The beauty and power of the universe is at your mental fingertips.


This has been an invitation to you, I hope to see you tonight.


If you do this and you do not remember any dreams or encounters it just means you do not remember. Do not be discouraged. I will be posting more on this experiment in the future and explaining how to look for signs that it is working for you.




Visualize our contact on other levels of consciousness.

I will be meeting those who participate.

We are going to set up an inner area of commerce where aid is going to be given to those who participate. You do not need to communicate with me or do anything on a physical level.

We are setting up a future city with an area for this activity. This will be based on the premise in Back to the Future,” but it will not be fiction.


Is interdimensional time travel possible?

Yes, interdimensional time travel is possible. A portal or vortex is a point in time-space where more than one time period or dimension intersect. These points in time and space offer the opportunity for travel from one time and dimension to another—from our time-space to other points in time-space. Physical objects, however, cannot survive a journey through these transitional warps in time-space. Therefore, time travel is only possible in another way.


Multidimensions are scientifically validated at the highest levels of science. However, traditional science is in the wrong paradigm and so the mainstream scientific establishment cannot make sense of what it is looking at.

Many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics is as popular among scientists as the Copenhagen interpretation. However, these views are primarily held among scientists who see the world though materialism.

Scientific materialism does not comprehend consciousness. Consciousness can travel through multidimensions and time and space. This is more than well documented, but nothing is more confusing for those who still believe in materialism as their worldview.

Not everyone is able to understand the basics. Neo-Darwinism, the current theory of the process of evolution — Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection — is primitive superstition. It is based on the idea of linear time. The world’s thinking is still stuck in the concept of fixed, never changing points in time when Einstein’s relativity should have changed all of that.

Einstein’s relativity, quantum mechanics and holographic universe theory all point to a different picture of reality. A new scientist is in this arena. Huge Everett was scorned for his many-worlds interpretation during his lifetime, but later was revered because his theory of multiple dimensions has become mainstream. Multidimensional existence is no longer considered fantasy among many mainstream serious scientists.

How can I explore my inner multidimensional reality?

How can I explore my inner multidimensional reality? You can easily learn how to explore your multidimensional reality. Read about my own experiences below and generate excitement about doing the same thing I did.

The intent to look within yourself and to explore your multidimensional reality will unlock the ability to do so. Enthusiasm will accelerate the learning process, and new beliefs will unblock that natural ability to explore your inner multidimensional reality.

Beliefs can block what would otherwise be an automatic process. In order to be able to explore your inner multidimensional reality you need to dispense with limiting beliefs or assumptions. Use affirmations to affirm it is easy to do and explore the concepts I am about to explain.

New science can help you to understand reality not as many people believe it is, but as it really is. When you substitute a worldview based on materialism with a new science worldview you unblock the flow of information from inner levels to conscious awareness. A study of good writing combined with intent and enthusiasm will lead to an increase in dream recall and “psychic” experiences.

Under the direction of good writing, you can affirm just before sleep that you will remember your dreams, receive answers to questions, or have multidimensional time travel experiences. Lucid dreams and astral travel are natural abilities that occur when a person possesses no distortions in belief and thought.

David Bohm.

Albert Einstein’s friend, David Bohm, indicates that we are [individualized] portions of one unbroken field of energy that exists in two states. Information in the inner implicate order, Bohm says, determines what manifests in the outer physical world or what he calls the explicate order.

The implicate order is a dry scientific term for what is a natural reality. Scientific instruments will give us dry data, but human perception will give us a completely different picture. The universe is not composed of atoms and energy, but something far different.

Consciousness can not be understood with scientific instruments. Love and meaning cannot be understood using the scientific method. However, Bohm did find out that the universe is holographic in nature. What that means is that the whole is in each part. When you break holographic film, each piece will project the entire image being projected.

Bohm also discovered two main areas of reality, “inner” and “outer.” Bohm also discovered that the universe was one unbroken, interconnected web of active energy. Separation is only an “experienced” reality within physical or outer reality. Each seeming part may be individualized in outer reality, but there was a connection within each individualized “entity” or particle to the entire universe. Absolute boundaries do not actually exist in nature.

Within the inner reality that I have explored using new science, I have learned that multidimensional affiliations are obvious on inner levels. Other times and experiences are ongoing extensions of the self in a vast multidimensional present moment.

We are not separated by seeming “outside of self” boundaries.

But until people are able to perceive inner reality, no traditional scientific instrument will give us a good picture of what is there. So how, you may be wondering, did I discover anything about inner reality without traditional scientific gadgets that probe the universe or small particles?

New science is different from conventional science in one very important way. The “instrument” of choice in new science is the only type of probe that can bring back an accurate picture of what exists within the universe. The instrument of new science used to probe the universe is not a physical gadget.

Advanced future science is a science of consciousness. Consciousness itself is used to probe, analyze and record the facts of extended reality. And the reason why is because nothing else is able to do that. The only tool that can pass undistorted through wormholes and vortexes to explore what exists in the universe is consciousness.






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