New Science: Interdimensional Time-Travel Research — Introduction & Invitation


“In 1935, Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen introduced the concept of wormholes.

“There are channels through which consciousness can travel — exit and entry points in the western U.S. that are geographical in nature.

However, secondary channels are everywhere. They pervade the atmosphere.”

— William Eastwood

Is interdimensional time travel possible?

Yes, interdimensional time travel is possible. A portal or vortex is a point in time-space where more than one time period or dimension intersect. These points in time and space offer the opportunity for travel from one time and dimension to another—from our time-space to other points in time-space. Physical objects, however, cannot survive a journey through these transitional warps in time-space. Therefore, time travel is only possible in another way.


Multidimensions are scientifically validated at the highest levels of science. However, traditional science is in the wrong paradigm and so the mainstream scientific establishment cannot make sense of what it is looking at.

Many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics is as popular among scientists as the Copenhagen interpretation. However, these views are primarily held among scientists who see the world though materialism.

Scientific materialism does not comprehend consciousness. Consciousness can travel through multidimensions and time and space. This is more than well documented, but nothing is more confusing for those who still believe in materialism as their worldview.

Not everyone is able to understand the basics. Neo-Darwinism, the current theory of the process of evolution — Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection — is primitive superstition. It is based on the idea of linear time. The world’s thinking is still stuck in the concept of fixed, never changing points in time when Einstein’s relativity should have changed all of that.

Einstein’s relativity, quantum mechanics and holographic universe theory all point to a different picture of reality. A new scientist is in this arena. Huge Everett was scorned for his many-worlds interpretation during his lifetime, but later was revered because his theory of multiple dimensions has become mainstream. Multidimensional existence is no longer considered fantasy among many mainstream serious scientists.

How can I explore my inner multidimensional reality?

How can I explore my inner multidimensional reality? You can easily learn how to explore your multidimensional reality. Read about my own experiences below and generate excitement about doing the same thing I did.

The intent to look within yourself and to explore your multidimensional reality will unlock the ability to do so. Enthusiasm will accelerate the learning process, and new beliefs will unblock that natural ability to explore your inner multidimensional reality.

Beliefs can block what would otherwise be an automatic process. In order to be able to explore your inner multidimensional reality you need to dispense with limiting beliefs or assumptions. Use affirmations to affirm it is easy to do and explore the concepts I am about to explain.

New science can help you to understand reality not as many people believe it is, but as it really is. When you substitute a worldview based on materialism with a new science worldview you unblock the flow of information from inner levels to conscious awareness. A study of good writing combined with intent and enthusiasm will lead to an increase in dream recall and “psychic” experiences.

Under the direction of good writing, you can affirm just before sleep that you will remember your dreams, receive answers to questions, or have multidimensional time travel experiences. Lucid dreams and astral travel are natural abilities that occur when a person possesses no distortions in belief and thought.

David Bohm.

Albert Einstein’s friend, David Bohm, indicates that we are [individualized] portions of one unbroken field of energy that exists in two states. Information in the inner implicate order, Bohm says, determines what manifests in the outer physical world or what he calls the explicate order.

The implicate order is a dry scientific term for what is a natural reality. Scientific instruments will give us dry data, but human perception will give us a completely different picture. The universe is not composed of atoms and energy, but something far different.

Consciousness can not be understood with scientific instruments. Love and meaning cannot be understood using the scientific method. However, Bohm did find out that the universe is holographic in nature. What that means is that the whole is in each part. When you break holographic film, each piece will project the entire image being projected.

Bohm also discovered two main areas of reality, “inner” and “outer.” Bohm also discovered that the universe was one unbroken, interconnected web of active energy. Separation is only an “experienced” reality within physical or outer reality. Each seeming part may be individualized in outer reality, but there was a connection within each individualized “entity” or particle to the entire universe. Absolute boundaries do not actually exist in nature.

Within the inner reality that I have explored using new science, I have learned that multidimensional affiliations are obvious on inner levels. Other times and experiences are ongoing extensions of the self in a vast multidimensional present moment.

We are not separated from seeming “outside of self” boundaries.

But until people are able to perceive inner reality, no traditional scientific instrument will give us a good picture of what is there. So how, you may be wondering, did I discover anything about inner reality without traditional scientific gadgets that probe the universe or small particles?

New science is different from conventional science in one very important way. The “instrument” of choice in new science is the only type of probe that can bring back an accurate picture of what exists within the universe. Advanced new science has time-travel technology and can “photograph” and interview the inhabitants of other parallel universes. The instrument of new science used to probe the universe is not a physical gadget.

Advanced future science is a science of consciousness. Consciousness itself is used to probe, analyze and record the facts of extended reality. And the reason why is because nothing else is able to do that. The only tool that can pass undistorted through wormholes and vortexes to explore what exists in the universe is consciousness.

In fact, alien craft sighting are not what most of us assume. These appearances many people have witnessed are advanced consciousness science technology. And often, it is us from the future peering back into [their past which is] our present.


New Science advanced time-travel interdimensional technology
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We are discovering a vast inner reality through our interdimensional time-travel consciousness technology. We are exploring the infinite realm we all come from when we are born and will return to upon our death.

The entity is the true self, and the entity is a vast multidimensional self-structure of which we are a part. You are an eternal and infinite being that exists even now outside of our time-space system.

We need only break free of our narrow perception and stifling myths about reality in order to explore our inner, infinite reality. Even as you read this, your mind is not in this dimension. The mind is on the threshold or fence between dimensions looking in the direction of this dimension that the physical body occupies. You are on the outside looking in. You are looking through the physical sense apparatus as you would look through a window. But unlike a window, your five senses are an active agency dictating perception. Your senses which are designed to be directed into time-space, basically force you to perceive the illusion of time-space.

Did you know that you have inner senses that roughly correspond with your outer five senses? Your inner senses are what you will use for interdimensional time travel and exploration.

Fantastic multidimensional realities are yours to explore. I fly through the universe at the speed of light every night, and I don’t think science is going to catch up to me anytime soon.


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It is sad that so many people do not know who and what they are. We are living in the primitive, pre-educated period of history.

Multidimensional time travel will bring you face to face with reality. You will learn compassion for people and love of life. We all share the same heritage. The great humanitarians and artists have taken the journey. Walls will not save us. Understanding will; and we gain understanding when we travel.

True travel is both inward because the inner reality is the source of temporal reality and not the other way around. Travelling over the surface of reality will not get you very far. Physical reality is an illusion.

Those who go inward and remember who they are become immune to the widespread ignorance of our times.



“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels.”

— Albert Einstein


When you become a new scientist, you understand reality and escape the dark ages of science and begin to explore your existence. When you go through an Einstein-Rosen bridge you can experience other times and places that you will never see by moving around in this physical reality — be it by means of a car or space ship. If you can travel through time, you can visit mars as a bustling metropolis, for example, rather than as a barren desert.


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As a toddler we all see other realities, but adults discourage us and gradually we learn to edit multidimensional existence from our conscious awareness. Fortunately, for me, that process was nipped in the bud and as a result I enjoyed the pleasure of traveling through my multidimensional inner reality and through time to many other exciting realities.

Back in the days of Christopher Columbus you could have refused to believe that there was a new world, or you could have gotten on board a ship and begun a new life in America.

When I was young, I took “the ship.” The “Indians” in the new world weren’t threatening, “my” culture was.

There is no evil or hell as understood in Christian terms; but ignorance comes close. Fortunately, there are many new scientists who have a good understanding of reality.


Wormholes and Einstein-Rosen Bridge may be traversable according to Physics Review.


Nicola Tesla.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.

“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.”

— Nikola Tesla


Did you know Colorado once housed a secret scientific facility built by Nikola Tesla?


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Supernatural abilities have been confirmed in a Harvard study, according to amazing videos here.

Many monks and nuns who meditate in mountains say that they are able to achieve spiritual growth, free their bodies of gravity, heat or cold, gain psychic abilities, miraculous powers, defy physical boundaries, look into the past and future and perform miracles.



The earth’s atmosphere records human emotions and consciousness according to ongoing international scientific research.


Click for video introduction.


GC Global consciousness coherency in real-time.



The practical value of being a new scientist

After you explore inner reality, you come to understand how things are created in the outer world. In the ordinary dream state, you can learn how to project thoughts and emotions into images and events. The process is the same for manifesting events. This is something I knew well when I was only twelve years old.

At age 12, I understood simultaneous time and knew how atoms fluctuated to form multiple coexisting dimensions that existed in any given space. At about age 13, when I was working with Everett Barber of Yale University on an invention, I was studying metaphysics and learning about my own psychic abilities. I was exploring those coexisting dimensions and travelling through time.

Everyone has psychic ability. Desire, intent and effort will activate the ability and open the doors to an infinity of realities within you.

I also have the ability to engage in vivid inward journeys while I am awake but in a sleepy state of mind. I can fly through treetops or down country roads at will just by closing my eyes and intending it. I project at about 30 miles an hour and see scenes in full color and vivid detail.

I can also travel out of body from a half-asleep state at will. I see events ahead of time, as in the case when I saw the people who bought our house before anyone in our family knew there had been an offer made on the house. I saw two people standing over a typed contract and I read the amount of the offer. I also knew how high they would go if we were to make a counteroffer.

All of that information was proven spot-on accurate. I had made the prediction, told my brother and my parents, and it happened exactly as I said it would.

I have also seen Florida under water and high winds leveling the surface of the earth in dozens of psychic experiences. Yet, I know that future probabilities can be changed.


Knights Templar flag and Great Seal depict what-is-on-oak-island-mystery-answer-how-are-knights-templar-free-masons-george-washington-connected
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Is time travel possible? How can I explore my inner multidimensional reality?


Time travel through my inner multidimensional reality

In my teens and twenties, I developed my ability to astral travel. On one journey time travelling through my inner multidimensional reality, for example, I was flying away from the earth as stars passed by me on both sides. I looked at my hands. My fingers were long, white and translucent. I heard a crackling sound and roar as I flew towards the end of the galaxy. I noticed a cord on the back of my neck that kept me connected to my physical body. I decided I had better return and after willing it several times and experiencing multiple false awakening (levels of reality), I made it back.

I also continue to time travel to the future and past to assess probabilities for the collective future. In what was another experience like the last, for example, I was given a tour of a city orbiting the earth in about the year 3000. On what was like a ten-foot-long TV screen on the wall in front of me, I watched a brief orientation describing how and why this city was built, when it happened and who lived there. I was told that the earth had become uninhabitable because of climate change. Following my orientation, I was led down to a lower level.

In a large exotic room, people and odd but beautiful animals chanted and danced in a two-foot-high fog that somehow produced images that correlated with the chanting. These were in vivid color and psychedelic in nature. It was a beautiful experience.

In another projection multidimensional time travel adventure, I visited a spherical man-made planet. Upon entering and proceeding to another door, a laser from a ship orbiting this man-made-round metal planet shot a laser at me. The laser was a life-form, a kind of intelligence.  It was consciousness. It did not allow me to enter and momentarily I could not move.

I have many time travels into the past. In one, for example, I found myself in what resembled a castle great room behind tables and benches filled with people in clothing indicative of the Middle Ages. With great confidence I stood up and threw my right hand forward, at which time a great emerald-green bolt of light flashed in front of these people. I was proving something. They were startled. I felt as if I were a great wizard.

In these inner time travel journeys, I have met George Washington, the first president of the United States. I learned to play the drums at age 13, and I have jammed with Led Zeppelin, rock guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan, superstar Ray Charles and Carlos Santana. In my inner multidimensional time travel I have been guided to historical treasures, (not counting what I manifest at age seven). I have channeled articles and books late at night during projections through time and dimensions.

In one of my favorite multidimensional time travel adventures I walked through a narrow red-rock canyon where I picked up a coin made in the year one. When I looked at the face of the coin I was transported again. I found myself in an ancient civilization in front of a Persian king. He was sitting on a throne, holding a staff. Statues of life-sized gold panthers and lions were on each side of him. I was blown away.

At this time, I also found beautiful and luminous crystals arranged in what was like a museum. These brilliant vivid color crystals were alive, and they were somehow created from the ocean water pouring over them. I had to pass through a waterfall from an ocean spilling over the crystals to reach them.

The third experience in this incredible multidimensional time travel series was exceptional. It is difficult to describe. I was given a obelisk of an alien nature. It was of a strange metal, perhaps associated with gold or gold in color. I knew what to do. I placed the obelisk on my forehead between my eyes. Immediately, the entire experience of an advanced future civilization was directly communicated to me. It came out of this “storage mechanism” directly into my mind. Vast amounts of information flashed before me. I somehow saw everything that the people of this civilization had done right as well as all the mistakes they had made.

I received the history of the entire civilization. I was in the distant future. This is about the best a new scientist can expect. If I did in fact receive vast amounts of information, this may explain why I am on the path I am on.

Perhaps I am impacting this probability in such a way as to begin a new experiment, or even civilization.


The U.S. government has recognizes the effectiveness of psychic ability. However, in the climate of opposition /skepticism as it exists, these instances of recognition are typically short-lived.


All information and knowledge comes from the inner multidimensional nonphysical world that creates this physical universe that objective science has denied out of stubborn ignorance.


“You exist forever, as does your individuality.”

— William Eastwood


Why science religion told us our thoughts do not create our physical reality matter events
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The very operation of your own consciousness and the existence of our world is possible only because of a foundation of ESP operating within deeper levels of your own consciousness and mind.

Extrasensory perception or ESP, also called the sixth sense, refers to the reception of information gained through other than the recognized physical senses. Common forms of ESP include telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition. Telepathy is communication directly from mind to mind through inner channels. Clairvoyance is the ability to project your consciousness into the future in order to perceive future happenings before they occur. Precognition is knowledge of a future event, especially to see or sense an event before it happens.


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There is no dark and spooky occult world but only a vibrant and brilliant inner multiverse of great variety and beauty.  Because your beliefs, thoughts and emotions form your reality, you will have experiences when conducting new science explorations that will reflect what you believe and expect to find.

We are in a global paradigm shift which involves a New Enlightenment and new way of thinking about ourselves and reality itself.


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What William Eastwood discovered in the 1970’s in his youth, YEARS BEFORE Einstein’s friend, David Bohm published Wholeness and the Implicate Order in the 1980s, was a secret about the universe.

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— William Eastwood




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