Real Wizards Don’t Exist… Or Do They?

Eastwood interview in 1979.

Eastwood worked for a Yale University professor on a secret invention at a private research and development facility at age 13. "My study and 45 years of research shows that intensity, conditions and other factors determine when your thoughts become matter."



Or do they?

Yes, real wizards do exist. William Eastwood says that time travel is easy. “The whole self is multidimensional.”

“I believe that I was a great wizard in the Middle Ages.”

Eastwood’s account of his astral projection back to the Middle Ages: “With great confidence, I swung my arm in front of me, throwing a great emerald-green lightning bolt over tables, benches and people in the castle great room. I felt great joy and power in my display that terrorized the stunned  the townsfolk. It was the Middle Ages.  I felt as if I were a great wizard.”

— William Eastwood


These are Eastwood’s non-fiction experiences of lucid astral projection through time. They may be literal or symbolic. The wizard experience and some of those given here are believed to be literal experiences that happened in other times.

Another incredible actual astral projection Eastwood made thousands of years into the future: “I knew exactly what to do. I placed the gold obelisk of alien origin on my forehead between my eyes. In an instantaneous process, the entire knowledge of a civilization that had come and gone was transmitted into my mind. I experienced legions of information in visual format. I was cognizant of the civilization’s mistakes as well as everything they had done right.

“Upon awakening from this astral projection, I interpreted it as having received the history of (our?) entire civilization from many thousand of years in the future.

“As a result I have created Earth Network to convey information that will change the trajectory of our species.”

— William Eastwood

Eastwood is a blood descendant of two kings of England.

Do Real Wizards Exist? How Do I Learn How to Become a Wizard? Eastwood is a wizard
Eastwood Wizard.
Real time travel
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Real wizards do exist

Real wizards exist now and they existed in the past. Real wizards created the earth. These are known as the original entities that always existed. They created time and they created the earth.


how ego perception developed.
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What is Internal Science and how can it help me?

Internal Science by  William Eastwood, is a more accurate and complete paradigm of reality. Working for a Yale University professor at age 13 and studying holographic reality to help people achieve their goals and solve world problems for over 45 years, Eastwood is now the author of over 20 books and 100's of free articles based on Internal Science.

Albert Einstein's friend and colleague, physicist David Bohm, introduced the science and Eastwood translates it into simple terms to show us how we can create whatever we want in life.

Reality is a projection

Physicist David Bohm, — who Albert Einstein called “a kindred spirit,” and whose Ph.D. thesis — being top secret and classified — was awarded at the University of California at Berkeley by none other than Robert Oppenheimer — tells us that our physical reality is a holographic projection of the brain and five senses.

How you are creating a three-dimensional movie—your life

Thoughts create matter: A virtual reality headset
Virtual reality headset.

Imagine that in your living room you put on a holographic headset. At the click of a switch, you seem to no longer be in your living room.

Your senses are now telling you that you are actually on a tropical beach. As you reach down to touch the imaginary sand, sensor pads in gloves you are wearing give the sensation of pressure on your fingers.

This is an analogy to explain the purpose of your body and brain. Your body and brain are like a holographic headset that allows you to perceive a 3D movie you call your life.


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Before the Industrial Revolution people did believe that their thoughts and emotions affected their reality. Respect was given to those who professed great ability in manipulating matter with their mind. However, many people were also afraid of this ability. Those who were feared were sometimes severely punished and even some “witches” were burned at the stake.

Going back further, inquisitors believed that people who could manifest and create events with their thoughts may be aligned with the devil. The inquisitors were “evil” because they tortured people they thought were evil.


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We come from an inner world where wizards always existed and still do. Before any physical world existed, consciousness gave its imaginings independent life by creating physical realities.


Eastwood is a blood descendant of two kings of England.

Do Real Wizards Exist? How Do I Learn How to Become a Wizard? Eastwood is a wizard
Eastwood Wizard.


In the Middle Ages, wizards were sometimes highly respected as those who were able to manipulate matter with great power and skill. This was a more magical time because people were more open-minded to the entire inner dimension of a reality from which we come as well as the ability to manipulate matter with the mind. Those who were called wizards were both feared and revered.

I KNOW REAL WIZARDS EXIST when I travel to the Middle Ages Europe to experience something that most people wouldn’t believe possible, to say the least. I didn’t travel to the 21st century Europe, I traveled back in time. And once arriving there, I found myself to be a great wizard. 

From the back of a castle great room, I threw emerald lightening bolts out of my palms like a wizard would do with a wand. The light display shot a few feet over the heads of commoners who suddenly stood up from their wooden tables and chairs, terrified. The garb and room was all appropriate to the period and so for this and other reasons, it did not seem to be a dream. This was something that was actually happening.

When I woke up from this experience I felt an exhilaration, confidence and pride that I cannot put into words. I couldn’t hardly believe it happened, but it did.

In more mundane terms, I know real wizards exist if manifesting treasure is something a seven-year-old wizard does. I know real wizards exist if getting yourself on the entire front of the newspaper at age 13 is what a young wizard does. I know real wizards exists if creating a new path for humanity is what real wizards do. And I know real wizards exist if travelling through time to visit the future is what real wizards do. I know real wizards exist if one person does all of this by projecting his thoughts into matter.

Others who have explored inner reality have similar experiences. People tell me stories that sound just as amazing as mine.

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Why was "De revolutionibus orbium coelestium," so important in world history?

"De revolutionibus orbium coelestium," was important because from it we learned that the earth was not the center of the universe. The same thing is happening again. We are learning that the universe is not what we thought it was, and "The Solution..." has experienced the same level of VIOLENT resistance as Copernicus's book.


The intrigue, the confiscations... what is so important about this book?

Earth Network presents: The Solution by William Eastwood.
Eastwood's 450 page debut has a history of intrigue.

"The Solution..." has the intrigue of Nicolaus Copernicus's "De revolutionibus orbium coelestium," a book that changed the universe. The second editor, with two doctorates in theology, endorses the twice confiscated manuscript "We can literally change the course of civilization by lifting the race to a higher path through implementing the solution." — Mario Fusco, TH.D., RS.D, B.S.C.

The Rosenthal effect explains why scientists can prove their theories even if they are incorrect! This is the smoking gun everyone is looking for that shows that beliefs create reality and is the reason why modern science has created a dangerous false science.

Eastwood does not use scientific terminology that is difficult to understand. Every book he writes tells you how to create what you want in life in a plain and simple language that anyone in any country can understand. 


“Consciousness is altruistic, and that means that you are an amazing, powerful and beautiful person."

— William Eastwood


Why is Eastwood someone we should listen to?

Is it because he worked for a Yale professor in a research and development facility on a mysterious invention at age 13 — a modern version of an astrolabe accurate enough to be used by surveyors?

Not necessarily. But it does make you wonder what this kind of person wants to tell you after 45 years of research into the holographic nature of the universe — a study some people do not want you to read.

There is something in this book that undermines the official picture of science for the past three centuries. But that's not what bothered certain government agents. There is only one parallel in history.

"People who go around learning on their own often turn out to be pretty interesting themselves." — Carolyn Battista, 1979 interview of Eastwood at age 16.


The solution


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A short autobiography (my story)

Thoughts do create matter: William Eastwood manifests treasure at age 7

When I was seven, I decided to clean up a country road by collecting litter with my best friend. With our little arms full, we wondered what we were going to do with it. I didn’t want to carry it home, so I decided that we would find an indentation in the ground and sort of bury it. I told my best friendIf you do good things, good things will happen to you.As I stomped the trash in the ground, I asked him to hand me a specific stone that I pointed to in an old 18th century stonewall to put on top of the trash. I wanted that stone because it looked loose and seemed to be about the right size. After placing the stone on the trash I turned around and there were coins everywhere! The rock I had asked for had a treasure hidden behind it and my little buddy pulled the box filled with treasure out and was scrambling to fill his pockets with coins!

Good things definitely happened because we were doing a good thing, and it was a billion to one that there would be a treasure in the wall to prove my point. But there was, and this made me a little wizard.


William Eastwood is a political oracle, music prodigy, self-made international philosopher, researcher and new scientist, an empath, visionary and founder of the altruistic movement, a civil rights, scientific, environmental and political activist, and an author of 20 books designed to lead humanity into a new era and to help individuals live their dreams and realize their full potential.

William Eastwood is an activist helping to end global conflicts, working to stop war, and educating to bring about a world without borders.


William Eastwood philosophy: The poor will become rich and the hungry will feast.


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Eastwood family tree.
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Eastwood’s international philosophy is unique in the manner in which it recognizes the good in all people.  His current websites and many positive books speak loudly of his unrelenting efforts to help humanity, and his intent to assist people in realizing their “unlimited” power and potential to improve their lives and the future of our civilization.

Real wizards do exist now

Real wizards exist now, they existed in the past, and they existed before the creation of the earth.

Everyone shares the same amazing abilities and everyone is a real wizard. But if they don’t believe it they can’t recognize this fact or use their abilities.




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Do real wizards exist. Yes, and you can learn how to be one



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Real Wizards Don’t Exist… Or Do They?

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