Only What Your Senses Project Exists. There is No Time & Space. The Science

Eastwood interview in 1979.

Eastwood worked for a Yale University professor on a secret invention at a private research and development facility at age 13. "My study and 45 years of research shows that intensity, conditions and other factors determine when your thoughts become matter."



Only What Your Senses Project Exists. There is No Time & Space. The Science

The senses project, meaning only what is in your range of vision or sense-perception exists in your current physical reality. What you see is a visual projection. If you don’t see something, you haven’t created it visually in physical reality.

The space around you is a field of potential—an invisible extension of your consciousness that contains an infinity of probable events. You determine what you will experience next—what your senses will project—according to your beliefs and subjective activity.

If you see nothing behind you, nothing is there but an infinite field of potential. Empty space is not really empty, rather it is a threshold beyond which the wonders of what you are exist in multidimensional reality. Un-physically-manifest-potential (empty space in physical reality) contains infinite realities that are probable and available to you at any time you learn how to bring them into your awareness. It is all a field of consciousness.

This is Internal Science, and its application is International Philosophy.



“If you want to know how thought produces physical existence, you have to step outside of physicalism. The medium in which we exist is a field of infinite potential composed of intelligent energy that does our will. On deeper levels of consciousness your thoughts create your reality and my thoughts create my reality.”

— William Eastwood.



Only What Your Senses Project Exists

Only what your five senses project exists. There is no time and space. Nothing can hold you back because you are creating everything. The holographic projection is composed entirely of consciousness. Scientists have known for a long time that the senses perceive reality, but what most scientists do not realize is that the senses also create reality. By reality, I mean our physical experience. 

The only reason why we know we are having a physical experience is because of our five senses. Our experience comes through our five senses. If the five senses are tricking us, we have no way of knowing that. I am telling you that the five senses create your reality and then perceive it. 

What’s amazing about this is that you are the one that’s creating your reality. This makes you a creator. you are the Hub of everything extending out from you. Your environment is an extension of your physical body. you created

Most of the problems in the world are due to the fact that we do not realize that reality is a projection of our consciousness. We have been in the dark for generations. We have dealt with reality as if it were something detached and separate from us. This gave us little control over events. When you understand that only what your five senses project exists, that there is no time and space, then you put yourself in the driver’s seat. You can create anything so long as you follow the rules of internal science. 

Your thoughts come first

Consciousness is magical and it is the God-force, which is what you are individualized. You are forever, and you can achieve anything.

I also advocate a pro-active approach and always working on physical and inner levels. Use common sense and multiple approaches in life. Don’t quit your job because you are ready to manifest your dreams. Rather, apply your thoughts to your dreams and watch the means to achieve your dreams appear as if by magic through multiple channels. It is a matter of putting the horse in front of the cart. Your thoughts come first.

Your position in life (wealth or lack of wealth) and present circumstances is a result of your past thoughts. Cause and effect applies only to subjective actions. All causes are psychological. Emotions are very powerful. Some of these principles are super simple, but people are hypnotized by their beliefs that say achievement is difficult and so on and so forth.

One of the most frequent mistakes people make is to assume that something is wrong in their life. They then begin searching their past for some hidden cause of all their problems. The idea that something is wrong is the cause of their problems, not an event in the past. The past does not even exist!

Even if your life is one disaster after another, it doesn’t mean that something is wrong with your or your methods. Intelligent people often give themselves more complex challenges in life. If you do not have a big house and a fast car, it doesn’t mean that you have something wrong with you or with the way you achieve goals, but if you start thinking that way, that is what will manifest.

The spirit is ALWAYS good, and every spirit eventually goes into the light after death. Your beliefs, thoughts and emotions create your reality there too, but that world is not physical and from what I know, that reality is fantastic beyond description. But don’t do something crazy to get there because suicide creates peril and complications for those who make that mistake. You are here now because you want to be.

Your highest intelligence and magic is not with a superior portion of your being. You are your higher self. Trust in your own judgment and base your life on your dreams, ability and all the fun and positive stuff about you.

Buddhists have got things confused. Desire is not something to transcend, and pleasure is good.

How focused are you on the positive? How determined are you? Do you have patterns of negative thoughts and emotions that need to be changed? A determined focus and effort is required to transform your life.

The ability to master the mind and focus on the positive is a learned art not all are equally proficient in. Yet, we each get exactly what we put out in thought and emotion. What you experience in your life is a perfect reflection of the dominant patterns in your mind.

There are many probable futures. Different geographical regions have different trajectories according to the beliefs, thoughts and feelings of those within the area. You will be attracted to certain areas according to the balance of your thoughts, your worldview, intent and purpose in life.

You are in control of what you create in life. You can have anything you want. The probabilities open to you for expression are a product of what you have allowed through patterns of thought and emotion.

Your free will to experience any particular event is dictated by what your beliefs, focus, thoughts and emotions allow. Your free will in terms of what you can manifest is dictated by your beliefs, thoughts and emotions. The only possible way you can open yourself up to increasingly positive probabilities is to create them first in your mind.

The rules apply equally to all. You must first create the future you want to experience through your focus, beliefs, thoughts and emotions. Once you do that for a certain amount of time, new probabilities will open up to you. If you then manifest one of those probabilities, they will lead to even more probabilities.


Probabilities what they are how to choose between them alternate parallel reincarnation other realities
A website article.


You select elements of probabilities by what you believe, think and feel. Your subjective activity is what you use to make your selections.



Volunteers of Earth


World peace


World peace  A World Without Borders. You are invited.


The United Nations

The United Nations represents the positive intents of our civilization and collective consciousness. It is a democratic ideal born of a collective vision or dream in 1945. The UN is is a consortium: "...the one place on Earth where all the world’s nations can gather together, discuss common problems, and find shared solutions that benefit all of humanity."

Earth Network

Earth Network was born of a similar vision and effort to create a gathering place or consortium of ideas that best represent the positive intents of our civilization , individual and collective consciousness. You will see numerous references to the altruistic movement and human altruism here. You will see similarities between the UN mission and ours.


Bring an end to suffering and conflict globally; distribute food and supplies to where they are needed most in the world; provide opportunity to all people across the globe; transition humanity to a new era; transform public institutions and private lives; form a new field of science, and reform education systems globally.


World peace and human potential are in your hands.
World peace and human potential are in your hands.


EN: The New Inner UN: Where the real work to solve world problems is done

Volunteers of Earth: Where you can change the world

An experiment to protect democracies, feed nations in need, and solve world problems..

World peace
You are invited.

There are two levels of reality. There’s our world’s familiar external science and actions on that level, but there is also internal science and actions on inner levels.

To change the world (and also your own life), this inner level is the more effective level to work on because it is the source of physical world events. The events you see on the news are a result of the work done on inner levels.



Where the real work to change the future is done

The very best, most altruistic thing you can do is contribute your vision of world peace and a beautiful future to the collective consciousness.


Inner UN portal
A website article.


Americans and people in all nations need to wake up from their sleep.”

— William Eastwood



Thoughts create matter argument that orthodox science and all known knowledge based on it is a myth
A website article.

Nicola Tesla.


“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.

— Nikola Tesla.


Projection to the future

I learned what our civilization had done wrong from the future.

Time travel to the future to learn what our civilization did wrong.
A website article.



Earth Network provides the education and plan to transform your life and solve world problems that is lacking in our world.



Thoughts create matter presents: The power of positive thinking is real. How to think your way to success
A free publication / article / eBook.


Thoughts create matter presents: How do I know what to do?
A website article.


You can become younger right now

"It is possible to become younger in this moment." — William Eastwood.

William Eastwood.

All time is simultaneous. Through emotional association we can activate cellular memory playback of times when we are young. This is because the past is still alive. To the body consciousness it is a condition of nowness.

You can also activate cellular memory by means of willpower and dream recall.



Consciousness is kindness.
Consciousness is world peace, love and altruism.


Get younger
A website article.


The United States Constitution is the best in the world. It was the first to set a new precedent by determining in law that all people in one nation are equal. The Altruism Code expands that concept to include all nations and codifies that principle.


A website article.



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Consciousness and conscious awareness is like the sunI thank everyone that has made contributions, and those who have purchased books. I would not have been able to do it without you!


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— William Eastwood.







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Thoughts form matter introduces new discoveries in physics.

How to create a miracle.

New science


You are your probable selves and can manifest any aspect of them into your current life.

Manifest your thoughts

Thoughts form matter introduces new discoveries in physics.

William Eastwood presents: Who you really are Multidimensional self.


William Eastwood introduces: How your thoughts beliefs and emotions create your reality

You are in the hologram

How-to-stay-safe-from all harm


Goes to William Eastwood Philosophy
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William Eastwood website list of multi site articles
A list of articles



A journey of discovery like no other

Internal Science and International Philosophy.

International philosophy is based on emerging internal science. Basically it states that the individual creates his or her own reality, that the individual is good and that the individual can be trusted to do what is right.


William Eastwood presents international philosophy.
A website article.



Does international philosophy work?


It worked for me


By 1979, the effects of my first experiment were astounding

Eastwood, 1979. Thoughts can do form matter manifest success UN
Eastwood, 1979. Thoughts can do form matter manifest success

How did a thirteen-year-old kid manage to retain a Yale University professor’s request to work on the design of a secret invention at a private research facility? ...on his own without anyone helping him?


"I applied international philosophy based on internal science."

— William Eastwood.

This interview is in the U.S. library system public microfilm database.




45 years of research has been put into a collection of powerful books that show you how to create everything you want in life.




Written for Earth Network by William Eastwood.



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Do Real Wizards REALLY Exist? How Do I Learn How to Become AN ACTUAL Wizard IN REAL LIFE!
A website article.





[blink]MAY 31st![/blink]


45 years of research goes into every publication


Thoughts can and do create matter reality How to change your world

Thoughts can and do create matter reality how to change your life world


How to Change Your World


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45 45-years of research goes into every publication


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Who is William Eastwood?


Eastwood 1979 interview Thoughts create matter author

As far as we know, neither Albert Einstein nor physicist David Bohm worked for a professor from one of the world's top ten universities at age 13, but Eastwood did.




"You can attract and manifest wealth, money, love, health or anything you want."

— William Eastwood.


I spent decades making my philosophy of life so simple and easy to understand that people from around the world began seeking out my free articles. It is based on the idea that your thoughts are projected into events and objects, and that by focusing on what you want with joy and appreciation, you can create anything in life.

I could have continued on the path I was on as a teenager, but I didn't want to. Even as early as age 12 I knew that the basic theories I would be required to learn in any university course I could take were false. It made no sense to me to continue my education to learn myths.

In high school and technical school I felt stifled. It was a negative experience and it was simply wrong. I had no choice but to go off on my own. And so I spent 45 years creating my own science and philosophy.

I consciously made a decision to forgo the conventional path of acclaim. Physicalism was leading humanity into a very dangerous dilemma. My life purpose was always to introduce a new science and philosophy to lead people out of the dangerous situation the world was in.

"I founded Earth Network of Altruistic, Autonomous Individuals to do exactly that.

I began testing metaphysical principles as a young child and now have about 50 years experience with results I can transfer to you.

I know what works and what doesn't work. I owned three large homes on the coast of Maine, USA by age 22.

I can tell you what you can realistically expect and I know all the secrets, and all the mistakes most people make.

I discovered the concept that your thoughts create your reality in 1970 or earlier, and at age 12 I initiated a unique study that has lasted for over 45 years.

William Eastwood in 1975

The holographic universe is just a concept to most people but not to me. I lived my life according to the principles of the holographic universe paradigm before David Bohm even published "Wholeness and the Implicate Order," and Bohm was Albert Einstein's trusted friend and colleague.

My first major test of the concept happened when I was about 12.

I applied the principle that thoughts create matter using visualization. I imagined myself a great architect and solar inventor reducing America's fossil fuel dependence and in the limelight. After doing that I felt a strong urge to take certain actions. I picked up a pencil and I began drafting the solar heated and cooled homes I was conceptualizing in my young imagination.

Within a year I was working on an invention in a research and development facility owned by a Yale professor, but that was only the beginning.

As a freshman in high school my low-income 100% solar heated and cooled homes were being built in my hometown. By age 18 I had a contract with the American Supply Company. At the Capital of the constitution state the eyes of the world were on me as I unveiled a full-scale model of my modular solar system at the annual energy exposition in Hartford Connecticut.

Solar design was never my consuming passion. Each achievement was a test of what would become international philosophy.

The people of earth need a global philosophy everyone can agree on to unite humanity and to bring about the vast potential of our civilization and all its individual members. 

45 years after my decision to go off on my own, and the world is still hypnotized by a faulty scientific paradigm that is causing civilization to crash. We have no central science everyone can agree on, and this produces divergent views on everything.
I have a replacement — Internal Science and International Philosophy. Only Internal Science can unify the world because it is based on quantum physics rather than disproven physicalism.
Your senses construct the reality they perceive. If you do not see the objects behind you, they do not exist physically. There is a field of infinite probabilities behind you. When you turn to see what is there, then you collapse one specific probability from an infinite range of probable events.

Your beliefs, thoughts and emotions specify which probability will collapse into apparent matter.

When we do not understand how we create our reality, we keep doing the same thing over and over again, yet always falling short of our primary goals. At some point we make a compromise and settle for less in our life, telling ourselves “this is just how it is,” and we live our life unfulfilled. This is completely unnecessary.

It is time to realize who you are and the powers you possess to create your reality exactly as you want it to be. I will tell you how to do that in very precise and simple terms in my books.



Reemerging 40 years after working for a Yale professor in a research and development facility on a mysterious invention at age 13 — a modern version of an astrolabe accurate enough to be used by surveyors — and Publishing 20 books & 500+ free articles in five years



Eastwood's international philosophy is a unique scientific paradigm that recognizes the power and good in all people.  His current websites and many positive books speak loudly of his unrelenting efforts to help humanity, and his intent to assist people in realizing their "unlimited" power and potential to improve their lives and the future of our civilization.

Eastwood explains how his constitution for a new civilization, "The Altruism Code,"can be applied to transform individuals, regions and nations. Eastwood explains what he surmounted early in his journey. Government, attacks and intrigue are involved through it all. Eastwood comes out with astounding success and creative achievements that are unmatched in the world today!




A new picture of reality has emerged since Einstein published his theory of relativity in 1905. Quantum mechanics has proven elements of classical physics to be incorrect.



Albert Einstein reality is an illusion. Mind projects creates reality
Albert Einstein.


“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

― Albert Einstein.




A guide out of the illusion.



45 years of research goes into every book


Holographic Universe Journey Out of the Illusion by William Eastwood book thoughts create matter

A journey that will change your life.


Events are a projection of your mind and five senses

Holographic Universe Journey Out of the Illusion by William Eastwood book.
William Eastwood.

Eastwood brings you the greatest news story ever! Revolutionary discoveries by Einstein and other great physicists that were blocked by the elite are revealed.

Eastwood takes power away from those who hold it over others and invests the common man with power and control over his destiny. Get it now and your life will change forever!



"Your environment is a projection of the mind that you control. You can create anything you want in life."

— William Eastwood.


Why is Eastwood someone we should listen to?

"I knew that the Universe was a projection of the mind at age 12 and that External Science was misleading us all. I was upset by the flawed nature and negativity of external science, and so I created Internal Science, a more accurate paradigm of reality.


"Infinite wisdom is within your own consciousness and is trying to get your attention. Don't let your education interfere with your learning."

— William Eastwood.


"Science belongs to everyone, and so rather than use the complex terminology of the scientific elite, I aligned with every man, woman and child to make the truth accessible and helpful to everyone. The world is in a dangerous trance, and "The Holographic Universe — Journey Out of the Illusion," breaks that trance and reveals the greatest news story ever, that should have happened but didn't.

"At 12, I left the academic community in order to be intelligent. I left the allure of acclaim to be my authentic self — a humanitarian assisting everyone everywhere with World Help."


The news of the century and your way out of the illusion

The Holographic Universe





45 years of research goes into every book



Create the life you want with the book that can solve all problems, both public and private

[marquee]Why was "De revolutionibus orbium coelestium," so important in world history?[/marquee]

"The Solution..." has the intrigue of Nicolaus Copernicus's "De revolutionibus orbium coelestium," a book that was important because from it we learned that the earth was not the center of the universe.

Now another paradigm-shift is taking place, and "The Solution..." has many similarities to Copernicus's book.

"The human race is in the most important transition since the birth of self-consciousness." — William Eastwood.

"When you become aware of how you are creating your reality, you can learn how easy it is to change it." — William Eastwood.

This unique book has the potential to stop violence, division, unhappiness, destructive institutions and even illness, and will instead create peace and prosperity for humanity.

More importantly, Eastwood's book tells you exactly how to create wealth, money, love, health and everything desirable based on his formula derived largely from the science of theoretical physicist, David Bohm, a former colleague and friend of Albert Einstein.


The intrigue, the mystery... what is so important about this book?

Earth Network presents: The Solution by William Eastwood.
Eastwood's 450 page debut has a history of intrigue.

"The Solution..." has the intrigue of Nicolaus Copernicus's "De revolutionibus orbium coelestium," a book that changed the universe.

"We can literally change the course of civilization by lifting the race to a higher path through implementing the solution." — Mario Fusco, TH.D., RS.D, B.S.C.


The Rosenthal effect explains why scientists can prove their theories even if they are incorrect! This is the reason for dangerous fake news and division in America.

Eastwood does not use scientific terminology that is difficult to understand. Every book he writes tells you how to create what you want in life in a plain and simple language that anyone in any country can understand. 

Why is Eastwood someone we should listen to?

Is it because he worked for a Yale professor in a research and development facility on a mysterious invention at age 13 — a modern version of an astrolabe accurate enough to be used by surveyors?

Not necessarily. But it does make you wonder what this kind of person wants to tell you after 45 years of research into the real cause of humanity's problems and the science of someone Albert Einstein worked with and defended at Princeton.

Do not neglect the solution to all of humanity's problems and the secret to creating the life you want! Everything you need to know to create anything and solve any problem, public or private. Get “The Solution...” now, and add it to your best book collection!

"People who go around learning on their own often turn out to be pretty interesting themselves." — Carolyn Battista, 1979 interview of Eastwood at age 16.


The solution




The science of future generations

The factual basis on which a successful civilization can form is to be found in the holographic theory of reality. Each individual creates their reality according to what they believe, think and feel. The physical environment is a holographic projection that is fulfilling or distressful according to what is projected.

You create everything and there is nothing to fear within you. You are a beautiful being of light and knowledge.


The Holographic Universe




“Consciousness is altruistic, and that means that you are an amazing, powerful and beautiful person."

— William Eastwood.


Guidance for individuals and regions, based on the goodness within

Currently, constitutions and laws vary, but all are based on the idea that we cannot be trusted. "The Altruism Code..." changes that with a central truth — you are altruistic and you are good. Knowing this will protect you. Collectively it will help to melt cruelty, violence and degradation.

This is the way of love and acceptance.


Thoughts create matter presents: The Altruism Code a constitution for a new civilization Eastwood


The individual's personal code, and the individual's government

An ideal code and directive for individuals and governments.


Altruism code




Eastwood family tree.
A website article.





Only What Your Senses Project Exists. There is No Time & Space. The Science

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