What is the Nature of Reality? You Are at the Center of an Infinite Web of Probabilities

You exist in many worlds

The many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics is about as popular among cosmologists as the Copenhagen interpretation. Regardless of its accuracy or lack of accuracy, it is a scientific description the multidimensional nature of reality.

The number of physicists that now accept the Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics is huge. More accept this theory by Hugh Everett than the widely popular Copenhagen Interpretation.

Quantum mechanics tells us that all matter has a wave aspect. This denotes infinite energy versions of all objects and events. These energy states are the primary state of the universe, objects, events. Energy-containing-information (mind), gives rise to matter and not the other way around. Matter is formed in the same way light appears when you turn on a lamp. Each pulsation of photon is a recreation of the whole.

The universe is a single energy force that is capable of transforming its electromagnetic composition into any physical form imaginable. Consciousness itself controls the form this energy will take. Beliefs, thoughts and emotions pattern energy as light is patterned when it passes through film to create an image on the screen of a movie theater.

Everything is conscious and alive.

All pre-Western European and indigenous cultures believed that the entire universe was alive. The too-numerous-to-count nature gods of pre-western civilization are attempts to describe wave-particle duality.

The inner primary reality is as real and meaningful as the physical universe. The substance of which it is composed possesses all the depth and reality of physical matter and more.

Consciousness is indestructible

Quantum mechanics tells us that the entire universe is a single interconnected energy movement. You cannot get outside of this energy because this energy is all that exists. Everything comes from it and is of it. What is this single energy? Scientists call the single energy movement energy containing information. This is the scientific definition of consciousness or thought. A thought is energy containing information.

This energy, as Einstein told us, is indestructible. You are not a body primarily, you are individualized consciousness. You are involatile and eternal. Energy is the primary state of the universe, which means the body is a secondary form consciousness takes under certain circumstances. Even if your body can be harmed, your consciousness cannot.

The self you know yourself to be will always be. You are part of a greater self but you are in no way less significant. Each portion of consciousness can recreate the entire universe and is everywhere at once. This is difficult to understand, but the universe is not graded. All portions are equal to all other portions in their basic fundamental substance and the quality of that foundational substance which is composed of Consciousness Energy Units (CEUs).

Consciousness is like clay in that it can form itself into anything, physical or otherwise, and many other realities exist in which consciousness expresses itself. 

The reason the intellect perceives the physical word but not the primary inner world is because of the orientation of the physical body, its five senses and cultural training. Before we are born we exist in the inner world where we can materialize anything we want. We can travel into any time we wish to explore and we can experience any possibility we can imagine. To learn control energy, we come here. When we are born we go through a period of learning how to focus in the direction of time-space. Before the age of five we do see people and events from the past and other probabilities. But gradually most of us learn to focus sharply on the collective illusion. Those times when we are not focused in physical reality are often called ESP or psychic experiences.

All forms of ESP, astral travel and lucid dreaming are native to your consciousness. They only seem odd or exceptional because of the cultural conditioning of early youth. Dispense with limiting beliefs and you can experience more of your reality as is done by many.

How is all of this accomplished?

Electrons fluctuate in and out of the frequency of time-space millions of times per second. Multiple dimensions coexist in the same space as the room you are in. It is as if electrons blink on and off, but we do not perceive the off-periods of the electron. Our off-period is someone else’s on-period. In this way electrons form unlimited dimensions simultaneously.

The inner self straddles all of these worlds. The inner self is the component of your consciousness which is not currently focused in time-space. That portion of you is in the same “space” your mind occupies but not in time-space.

You create your environment in the same way you create your physical surroundings. Experience anywhere is a perfect reflection of your own mental states. Your inner senses are sharper than their physical equivalent. Inner experience in general is brilliant. Colors are more extensive and vivid. Positive emotion, love and support are felt more completely.

After you die you will pass into the light, and this is the threshold to a shared reality in which all souls participate. This is your home. There is no hell anywhere in all of existence, but such things may be hallucinated if one believes fervently that they will go to such a place after death. This is because a person’s beliefs, thoughts and feelings create their reality in every world. It is to your advantage to learn this now so that you can manipulate well after you cross over, and also so that you can create what you want in physical reality while you are here.

Abundance is the natural order. Freedom exist here for you to create whatever you want.

Physical reality is an experience chosen by many “new” consciousness to train themselves  to direct energy properly. When this is learned we can travel freely through infinite realities in which our thoughts and emotions will “manifest” instantly. You create what you believe, think and feel in these worlds as you do here.

There are some in physical reality that have come here to help guide those that are new to this reality. Not all are at the same level. However, there are great waves of entries where millions of souls advance alongside their contemporaries who are at the same level of experience. Some primitive eras are made up of mostly those who are experiencing physical reality for the first time.

In physical reality there is a delay between when you think a thought and its manifestation. And in that time between when you have the thought and its eventual manifestation you have other thoughts that will modify the eventual manifestation. This delay is a characteristic of our dimension and it is protective. If your fears were allowed to instantly manifest all around you, you would be in trouble.

The universe is a friendly place and is of exceptional good intent. All souls are good. Seeming evil is a result of misguided energy and is always temporary, dependent on learning. However, even those events that seem negative have multidimensional aspect that are positive. We only see the negative component when viewing a seeming evil or destructive event and not the positive aspects that appear in other coordinates. All souls learn, and mistakes resulting from misdirected energy are eventually corrected. It is a matter of belief, thought and emotion. Everyone will go into the light that leads to the inner environment. There is no punishment, but only recognition of the true good nature of the self.

Those who hold worldviews that are incorrect will learn through their experiences that those paradigms are not helpful for achieving fulfillment and development. They will learn and they will then choose better.

Those who grew up in recent past generations know how science as a whole was completely adverse to any consideration of an inner reality. No respected scientist would even consider such a possibility. This has resulted in our current inability to perceive the inner collective reality where we come from and create from. Nothing is created in physical reality.

The work done to create this world and specific events happens there and is ongoing. Real work is done on inner levels to keep your hear beating and eyes and ears working, and to give you your continuous experience in what seems like continuity in time, but time does not exist as we think it does. The future and past exist as infinite probable variations. Each act multiplies the number of possibilities, and each act you make, mental or physical, creates more realities that your soul then fleshes out. But it is impossible to arrive at completion, because every act creates more probabilities to manifest physically and experience in other ways. And then each act in those realities creates more probabilities, etc.

The great religions knew there was an inner reality, but they were often told not to explore it. Demons do not exist. They are a result of overdone guilt and are projections. The distortions in the stories people were told by past religions about the nature of the inner reality were often horrendous.

We are meant to manifest paradise on earth as it is created within our native home. Inner reality is not a static heaven, but is an evolving state of experience. A static reality would be a dead reality. Change, learning and growth is a characteristic of all realities, everywhere.

The universe itself is kind and compassionate and treasures each and every soul. The universe does not abandon any of its souls and helps every one. The entire universe responds to your needs and leans in your direction to help you and satisfy your fulfillment and growth. This is a magical process, but your thoughts manifest and your positive thoughts are more easily manifest because of the positive disposition of the universe. Positive outcomes are easier to manifest with your beliefs, thoughts and emotions.



You are at the center of an infinite web of probabilities

You exist in the middle of a web of infinite probabilities that surround you. Inner components of your mind (below the subconscious) see and manipulate component inflow from these probabilities. Cellular consciousness is also aware of all of this. It is only the conscious mind that does not see what is surrounding you or forward in time.

The design and functions of the conscious mind are there to teach you to form a physical reality out of infinite probabilities.

Your thoughts create your reality

This gift to you is greater than any royal kingdom owned by a Prince or Princess. You will always exist and will always be in control of what you create because you will always create your reality by what you believe, think and feel.

Your beliefs, thoughts and emotions select probabilities. It is as if your thoughts and emotions pushed the buttons on a remote control that selects a channel from an infinite reservoir of probable events.

The conscious mind is a director of events. Your thoughts and emotions regulate which conduits will channel component probabilities into current events. You select what you want to experience by the nature of your thoughts and emotions. Positive thoughts will activate a positive influx from the wellspring of probable events. When you are aware of this fact you can draw the best ingredients from this internal web of infinite probable events.


“The unexamined life is not worth living.

“If you want to be wrong then follow the masses.”



Knowledge of probabilities does not always get you to where you want to be. Application is an art and a science. You must use the knowledge you have to change your reality for the better. As you properly project the highest beliefs, thoughts and emotions, you navigate through the most desirable of infinite probabilities. You activate what you want and reject what you do not want.

As previously mentioned, it takes time before you will begin to see results. There is a lag between the inception of an idea and its manifestation. In that time-period other thoughts will modify the result. These are protections from adverse thoughts. The only way to override these projections is through perpetual fear and negativity based on an inaccurate worldview and lack of will and capacity to control one’s mind (beliefs, thoughts and emotions).



There are no accidents

It is always prudent to fight unfortunate conditions on a physical and inner level. This is where my experience can be beneficial to you. We cannot ignore problems in the world but must do our best to fight them on a physical level.

The only solution that will endure, however, is one with a corresponding change within. When physical efforts bring long-term results, it is because our physical actions or those actions on behalf of us have changed the cause of the problem in our mind. Changes in belief, thoughts and emotions create long-term changes in our reality.

Nothing happens by accident because there is purpose and meaning in everything. The universe itself moves you in the best possible direction for your development and fulfillment yet in doings so does not trample your freewill.

It is high time we start recognizing true causes. The process begins with individual learning. And there is motive to do so. I’m sure you would rather control your destiny and what you experience rather than continue as most people do in a haphazard and unenlightened manner to experience what you do not want. 

The past does not cause the present. Failing to wash your hands does not allow a germ to make you sick. Instead, your consciousness, through the direction of your beliefs, thoughts and emotions, activates that probability of being sick by means of the “germ.”

In a reality based primarily on an underlying cooperation between all consciousness, the germ is invited as part of a symbiotic relationship to enable you to manifest your purpose. If you manifest a sickness you do not desire, then you must make corrections in your beliefs, thoughts and emotions.

A  sickness usually has multiple causes. If you are working too hard and moving too fast, a sickness can help you slow down and contemplate recent events. But also, inaccurate beliefs, negative focus and unmanaged emotions can create unwanted experiences. Nothing can attack you despite your will.

Any event in which two or more people are involved involves a cooperative process of the inner minds of each participant. Each person will participate in an event for their own reasons. A joint event is a product of the beliefs of all those participating in the event.

Any event has many causes. The reasons why any event happens is a complex and difficult subject to cover.

The universe is of good intent and you are forever protected. When you realize you live in a safe universe you will no longer fear what may happen to you and as a result you will take conscious control of your destiny.


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